A sweet treat and a card game.

December 22, 2011

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Tis the season to visit my favorite sweets bakery, Sweets Cupcakes in Tuscaloosa. I found a red velvet cupcake and something new. They now have bon bons, or chocolate covered cake balls. I got a sample of 4 different flavors and I really hope the flavors stick around after the holidays. The strawberry and coconut were my favorites, but the red velvet and peanut butter were just as delicious as always. The inside was very rich and so fluffy.


After a few moments to myself to eat my bon bons, I got out the bag that haunts me each Christmas. . . the Christmas card bag. It holds leftover cards, stamps, labels, and stationary from the past few years. Why does it haunt me?

I’m a Christmas card slacker.

And proud of it. Well, I’m not that proud of it. Actually, I’m insanely jealous of those people who are so organized they can sit down and whip out a gazillion sweetly addressed cards for their families and friends and random people who make it to the list. I’m not that organized. My organization is very situational and better used on school supplies and kitchen cabinets. It does not include Christmas cards.

This year, I decided to be different. I promised myself I would have those cards out by the first week of December. Has anybody gotten theirs yet? Of course not. I didn’t mail them then. I’ll let you know when I do. I did have good intentions, though!


Newsletters from my sweet family in New Mexico. cards2

Frankie wants in on the action.


Cards and stamps.





I promise these will go out and once again, my family and friends will have my Christmas card to celebrate the New Year. I’m so classy that way.

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