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Whole 30:Day5 Long Run Monday

I was supposed to run 8 yesterday but I couldn’t make myself go do it. I was tired and very lethargic and felt like I was coming down with a cold. I don’t remember this from January. I decided to do it late this afternoon and I managed to get it done, but it wasn’t pretty. I also found out I need new long run shoes. My Kinvaras are great for short distance speedwork.

2013-08-01 09.23.01 

Not so good for long running. Time to hit up Saucony!


After I finished and cooled off some (stopped sweating, it’s never “cool” here until October), I stared at my refrigerator filled with this:


Okra, eggplant, green beans, kale, red potatoes, summer squash, eggs, sausage. All found Saturday at Pepper Place farmer’s market Smile 

Since I ran long, I was starving so I made a quick skillet of vegetables and sausage.

I cut some green beans, onions, and sausage. Cook med for 15 minutes. Add fully cooked sausage (no nitrates or sugar) and cook through another 10 minutes. Easy but filling. This is one of the great things about Whole 30. It might seem redundant if you’re eating the same thing every night. But if you have plenty of vegetables handy, you can make “stir fry” each night with different vegetables. Same goes for soups. I love my chicken soup, but each pot has different vegetables with that chicken. I usually plan out my meals, so this spontaneous dinner was a great hit.


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