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Whole 30 Day 5: Breaking up is hard to do

Holy Moses on a lawnmower.

My head is about to explode. I woke up this morning at 4:30am. Keep in mind, we had a 2 hour school delay so I didn’t have to officially wake up until 9:10 and leave by 9:15. Yes, I can be out the door in 5 minutes on Friday Jeans Day. Don’t question the efficiency of jeans day. I’ve perfected it over the years.

But this morning was another matter. This Whole 30 crap has GOT TO GO. I need sugar. Right now, it feels like I need it worse than I need my next breath. I ate 2 tangerines hoping to get some sugar in my blood. It didn’t work. If I had a bowl of sugar somewhere, I would have had a spoon of it. Maybe 2. My hands are shaky, I’m clammy sweaty, and my head just pounds violently.

Just for keeping up with what I carried to work to eat, here it is.


I managed to get myself in a hot shower (didn’t help my head), another try at sleep in the darkest of dark room (didn’t help), slowly attempting to dress myself (the clothes were clean, that’s all I could do and it didn’t help my head), 2 tangerines (felt like throwing them up), and drove myself to school (didn’t help).

What finally did help ease my head? More food. Substantial food. I had the soup at lunch with a couple of sweet potato wedges and it subsided to a dull ache.

And I might as well be truthful. I checked every drawer, bag, pocket, bag pockets, car, friends’ pockets, etc trying to find $.50 for a coke. That is how bad it was.

And that is why I have to do this. I fully believe sugar is an addiction and more powerful than I ever thought.

That scares me.

Bring on day 6.

Dinner was mixed vegetables with balsamic and avocado oil.

mixed vegetables

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