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Whole 30 2015 is FINISHED!!

I made it the entire 30 days without falling off the soda/sugar wagon. I even attended a Paleo baking class and saved my treats that had Coconut sugar for after the 30 days. Not 1 drop of soda or sweet tea. And I don’t want to start drinking them again.

What were my results?

Weight: Down 11 lbs. No pictures yet..I’m not finished..Starting round 2 on Feb. 16.

Measurements: lost 13 inches, mostly from my stomach and back area.

What will I add back?

For the next week and a half, I want to double check dairy.

This is the first time I’ve taken a full break from it since last year. I suspect dairy might be an issue. I want to start with hard cheese, then move to yogurt. After those two pan out, I’ll try whole milk. I don’t drink whole milk, but I do enjoy ice cream, especially while on vacations and after races. Once I check on the dairy, and get past Valentine’s Day (although we do not have grand plans and I’m not baking anything), then I’m starting Round 2. I haven’t done a Whole 30 back to back so this will be interesting. But I feel like I’m in a great groove with cooking, weekend meal preps, taking lunch to work, finally enjoying black coffee and hot tea, drinking more water, going back to CrossFit, and running regularly. I just feel like I need to keep going. I still have some fat-loss goals and I like the structure.

What is the rationale for multiple rounds of Whole 30? I think its best explained in this page from the horses’ mouth. 

Thanks for sticking with me the past 30 days. I plan to be more open with this next round. More pictures, more meal ideas, and an actual “this is what I eat” post each day , especially on my Instagram. So, meal prep begins on Monday, Feb. 16th since I will be off work. This will take me up to the day before my birthday. I have big goals for that day. It’s an important year coming up 😉