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Whitefish Montana

If you need me, I’ll be right here for awhile.

This is the gorgeous Flathead Lake between Kalispell and Whitefish Montana. The water in this lake is tropical blue and mesmerizing.

flathead lake 7

Flathead lake 1

Flathead lake 2

Flathead lake 3

Flathead lake 6

We stopped for lunch at Bonelli’s Bistro in Kalispell. It was an open bistro that had plenty of gluten-free options. This was a Greek Panini with artichoke soup. I would definitely recommend this. I was very hungry but this didn’t weigh me down to the point I need buffet britches to walk out. I aim to re-create this soup!  Stephen had a veggie sandwich with salad.

Bonellis Bistro

2016-06-06 12.12.30

After lunch, we finished the drive to Whitefish. It was hot and we needed a treat before we met the owners of the condo. Sweet Peaks Ice Cream was perfect. Salted caramel and double chocolate. They were extremely helpful when Stephen asked them to wash the scoop before they used it. This helps prevent cross contamination. Places like this really help ease our minds.

Ice cream

2016-06-06 14.04.30

For the next few days, we stayed in a townhouse at Whitefish Mountain Resort. It is a ski resort high above the town. So peaceful and beautiful! We had a full kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and plenty of living and sleeping room. The king bed with a 4 inch memory foam top was our favorite. In fact, we are looking for something similar for the new house.

2016-06-13 07.20.06

2016-06-13 07.19.27

2016-06-13 07.19.08

Tomorrow, we venture into the Glacier National Park.

The road to the West
East Glacier National Park