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Tuesday is just Monday’s Ugly Sister

2015-04-14 07.35.29

Not much to say about the tuesday.

Coffee. Jelly Beans. Soup. Teaching. Wanting a nap.

And sharing the story of the famed spray tan.

Sunday, I got a good skin burn after being at the lake for a while. I have been spray tanning since February to knock some edge off the vampire pallor I have going on. I went in to get my spray tan and the nice girl thought I should get the “medium” since I had some color to me. I explained that my fair skin does not tan easily, but it burns and then returns right back to the color of a Twilight extra. No thanks, I wanted to stick with my “light, clear” that I have been using. 4 hours later, I look like a Coppertone ad. I’m not thrilled because I do not think it looks natural with my hair color. Reds do not typically tan. Anyway, I got a TON of compliments at work. As in, comments like “wow! your eyes are so blue!” and “I love your new haircut!!” (no…I didn’t get my hair cut). Some people noticed right away that I looked like I had been to the beach. Anyway, by the end of the day, I’m starting to think I want to keep this color for the summer. Obviously, the girl at the tan place typed in the code for medium. It was that much of a difference. And the barrier cream did nothing for my hands. My hands look like I’ve been playing in the Yazoo red clay dunes in MS.

Then it is time for my after-school tutoring job and one precious angel draws this picture of me.

2015-04-14 16.45.22

She has me down to the finer details of the sunglasses on my head, fitbit and watch on each arm, all black outfit (doesn’t stain and easy to keep clean with kinders), even my black running shoes. And ORANGE SKIN. ORANGE!!!! Look at my hands. She nailed the color of my hands. My friends are all liars. Kids tell it or draw it like it is.

I’ll be returning to my “light, clear” asap.

After this turn of events, I worked out my angst with this circuit:

3 rounds:

  • 30-30-30 push ups (standard, wide, diamond)
  • 20 burpees
  • 4 min jump rope.

I begged Stephen for a grilled steak. He came through for me. It was the orange hands. He felt REALLY sorry for me.

2015-04-14 20.18.20

How many more days??

2015-04-14 07.25.42