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Too excited to sleep!!

Colorado. In less than a few hours, I’ll be on a plane headed back to my favorite state (not counting my home and family states, of course). Since I can’t sleep, I’m going to do a quick don’t blink or you’ll miss it review of the past few days. It’s a big ol’ mixed up mess, but hey, that’s me lately 🙂

Sandwiches and Sushi

Flying trip to MS to take back a generator and then spend some time with my family. There was a long card game going on so there was plenty of sandwich stuff including homemade pimento cheese. I used mine as a dip for some fancy schmancy tortilla chips that was made out of grass clippings and tree bark.  And this is the first time I ate sushi. Well, Stephen says it wasn’t real sushi because the this is shrimp something or other that was cooked first. I say this is the closest I’ll ever get, so it’s sushi enough for me.

sanwich sushi

The wild side of life

My mom is now the proud caretaker of birds, red birds, squirrels, two  horses, and 1 (uno…one..the loneliest number..) rabbit. I find the one rabbit absolutely hysterical. I’ve never known of a rabbit to stay a bachelor this long. The little thumper wouldn’t come out and let me take his picture, though. And the squirrel was too busy running from Brownie, the attack Dachshund.

bird1bird2 bird3 bird4


As the Garden Grows


I need to look out my kitchen window more often. The storms may have ripped off the top leaves of most of the plants and flowers, but the roots  must have a mind of their own.

 cucumberflower         That spiny thing is a baby cucumber!

maters maters5  Tomatoes and grape tomatoes

peppers                            Banana peppers


Really, what more could I add? This was fantastic. I love salads on hot nights when the oven cannot be turned on.


Good news to see around town!

IMG_2271 sign 

And well, slow progress, but it’s progress.

hobbycrescent ridge

And, there is plenty for anyone who needs food, water, or supplies.

This is an earlier picture before we got the huge tents to provide shade. churchrelief

I’m still not sleepy, but insanely excited to know that the next blog post should be created while in Colorado…..unless I’m really bored at the airport.

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Saturday 4th of June 2011

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