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Third time is a charm-All Fired Up 2012

Holiday traditions come and go, but this one is favorite.

Our first 4 months of marriage included a terrorist attack (10 days after our wedding), a job loss (due to terrorist attack), loss of a car (it died), and serious flu/illness for me. By the time the holidays came around, we had very little extra cash. But it was our first Christmas after our wedding and we wanted to start a new tradition. I was in the craft store looking for something for school and saw some pre-printed wooden ornaments and those small plastic paint pots. For three bucks, I found our new tradition.


Each year, we painted 1 ornament each. And as the years have passed, our Christmas traditions have continued and it was time to expand this ornament painting. I had no idea what All Fired Up was about until a few of us from work had a birthday party there and painted Christmas plates. A week later, Stephen and I attempted our first pottery ornaments. We had no idea what we were doing, but it was fun anyway. Last year, we almost waited too late and it was crowded with tired kids and grouchy adults. We had fun at our own little table, but we didn’t like feeling rushed. However, our ornaments looked GREAT!


Tonight was our 3rd year to do this. We decided to go early before the rush and maybe we could have a little more time to paint.

And we hit it just right. First we stopped by Heritage House for some coffee. He branched out from a regular bold blend and got a Snowflake which is like a white chocolate butter pecan latte. I got one after reading the description and it is my new favorite holiday drink!

When we got to the studio, we were the only ones painting. We picked out our ornaments and got the paint while the lady went to fire some previous orders. She left the Christmas music on and we painted and enjoyed our coffee. It was the best painting experience of the past 3 years. We will definitely do this sooner next year. After we got ready to leave, I commented on the music and she showed me the Pandora station she was using. Now it is all I listen to after work.

Here are a few shots of the painting process. I’ll post an update after the ornaments are fired.

*****UPDATE:  They are finished!*****










After we finished, we went to Red Lobster for dinner. We had a gift card about to expire. They did have an allergen menu so I got grilled sirloin and shrimp, vegetables, and potatoes. The vegetables were cooked perfectly!


After dinner, it was time for more cold medicine and some much needed sleep. But it was a great night to start getting some early Christmas spirit.

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