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The Paleo Kitchen (Book review)

2014-06-01 16.23.53

When I first got my hands on a copy of the The Paleo Kitchen  by Julie Bauer of PaleOMG and George Bryant of The Civilized Caveman, the first place I turned was to the intro pages. I know a cookbook is composed of primarily recipes, but what makes each cookbook different are the stories, tips, how-to, memories, background stories, etc. I love reading those pages first because then I get a good grasp of the author that is sometimes lost in translation of tweets and Instagrams.

The Paleo Kitchen is so much more than recipes. It is a wonderful resource for those new to the Paleo lifestyle by giving 70 pages dedicated to information about Paleo (’s much more than a “diet”).  The recipes are for everybody from new to eating meat to those who know how to make paleo pancakes with our eyes closed…but if you haven’t make Julie and George’s pancakes, get your mixing bowl ready. It’s going to be great.

I’ve made a great chicken “noodle” soup recipe and this glorious burger recipe. I made the burger by the book, but I added aged cheese (gasp!) and caramelized onions.


For dinner tonight, I wanted to try a few recipes that flowed easily into one epic dinner.

First, I made the Slow Cooker Pulled Pork. It was so easy and flavorful. I took the finished pulled pork and gave it Mark Sisson’s Crispy Carnita treatment.

Next, I made a Tangy Bbq Sauce that will knock your socks off without using any sugar, honey, etc.


Next I tried the easy Mayo recipe. I have tried and failed several of these due to texture issues. I never had mayo, but an oil/egg sauce. However, this recipe has a great tip on using the right container to blend the eggs/mayo. It worked like a charm! I had mayo so thick, my spoon stood up straight in the bowl.


I put all 3 of these together to get this Loaded Barbeque Sweet Potatoes. I was a little worried about the slaw because I’m not a slaw person. But I wanted to do it by the book and the flavors were fantastic together. I may have dove into this face first and didn’t look up for a while.

bbq sweet potato2~

Here..let me get you a little closer…now before you drool on your screen, go order the book Winking smile

bbq sweet potato~close

This book is scheduled for a June 10th release which is coming up FAST! Reserve your copy of The Paleo Kitchen now through amazon.