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Takin’ a little trip

I’m packed! I’m taking my own food because, well, nobody wants to be burdened with someone who has such strict dietary limitations. If we go out to eat (and we will….I fit right in with this family that loves to eat out and enjoy a long dinner), and I can’t find a plain salad or protein with no gluten sauce, I’ll smuggle in some hold-me-over food. And I always bring my own breakfast when I know I’ll have access to a kitchen.


It’s quiet. It’s still dark outside. I’m packed and almost ready. And I’m enjoying the start of my precious day off with my favorite Jamaican Me Crazy in my spider mug. Life is good right now.


It will take about 5 hours to get to Pigeon Forge, depending on traffic in Chattanooga. If I get stuck, it might be mid afternoon before we get there. Tomorrow is sight seeing, maybe some shopping before heading to Knoxville for a 6pm kickoff. I have all my houndstooth and Bama shirts packed. I have my cold weather coat and houndstooth scarf. I have Glee and ACDC tunes. I’m thinking of downloading an audiobook but can’t decide between Animal Farm or Food, Inc.  Two very different books but both good reading and thought provoking.

Next post will be from the mountains in East Tennessee! ROLL TIDE!!

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