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Going on a Running Streak


Are you a streaker? What is a running streak and should you start one? 

Graphic with "Running Streaking"

What is a Running Streak?

Running streakers are people who run minimum of 1 mile every day. Some people do it for a limited time for a challenge.

Some do it with a group of people like running clubs or virtual streaks. Some start streaking just to see how long they can do it.

With the state of the country right now, many people are looking for ways to go outside safely. Beginning a walking or running program, like the Couch-2-5k, is a great idea. 

Every winter, there is a Runner’s World streak that begins on Thanksgiving and continues to New Year’s Day.

Some streaks begin in the spring to carry through to summer. Some are winter motivators. Some are just because.

With all these challenges and streaking, what are the reason to streak? What are some reasons NOT to begin a run streak?

Should you go on a running streak?

  • create running routines
  • build a feeling of accomplishment
  • break mental boundaries
  • increase motivation

Reasons to avoid a streak

  • increase potential for injury
  • contribute to mental fatigue
  • boredom
  • create stress over arbitrary obligations and timelines

run streak

If you’ve decided that a run streak could be beneficial to your running goals, keep these things in mind.

  • Wait until you are healthy and injury free.
  • Keep your weekly mileage consistent.
  • Easy running during streaking.
  • Remember why you are streaking.
  • Know when it’s time for a break.

Here’s to a new year, new running goals!