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Something There in Between-Review


I recently received the 3rd book in this series in a my Romance Reveal Subscription box and was blown away by this author. I immediately found the first 2 books and downloaded for a long rainy afternoon. I have since re-read this book 3 times in May. S. Ferguson has become an instant buy for me. I don’t have many on that list.

Bree and Declan’s journey was painful and healing all the same time. Bree has spent her life feeling worthless, thanks to her mother. She didn’t so much as make bad decisions but she absolutely settled for things and for people that were not in her best interests. This path ended on a horrifying night when she knew she had to make some major changes in her life.

Then Declan comes to the rescue, literally. And for Declan, there was no turning back. He had his fair share of years of heartache and he decided Bree was his next and last attempt at finding peace.

At times, I was close to putting the story down and walking away for a breather, but I absolutely could not have put my Kindle down even if the house was on fire or there was a sale on running shoes. I had to see how their story worked out out because there was no way in hell it couldn’t have a HEA. Bree and Declan both deserved their HEA.

I can’t wait to see what is next!