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Running Wild

2018-03-12 19.03.21-2

Pneumonia be gone!! Now that my lungs are clear, I have new shoes to throw on and miles to go and books to read and coffee always.

I’m so not in racing shape, but I’m not stressing at all. I have goals and I have realities. Until the lungs finally healed up, the goals had to simmer on the back burner. Which brings me to the whole “run wild” mantra I have going lately. Remember this?

2018-03-05 00.49.34

20 years, this has been on the “favorite quote” list. Facebook once asked for a fav. quote. when you filled out a profile. I had to put a “Influential quote” on a few applications for various teams and ambassadorships. On July 13, 2008, this was my Project 365 picture for the theme Words on Skin.

It’s been around in my head for years. And it works for me. I can’t take the time to wallow in self-pity, appropriately the title of the poem. I can only make the time to do what needs to be done to reach the goals.


So, goals on the side waiting for the healing. That’s done, time to get back to goals. Running. Feeling like I have a chance to summit a 14er this year. Getting a 4 month head start in marathon base building. I have goals. Watch me reach them. I honestly can’t wait to see what a year can bring.

Run Wild.

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