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Running Medal Display


I have a place for all my medals and racing bibs.

medal display 6

running medal display

This was an easy project. I bought “paintable” shutters from Home Depot. I had to ask for them because I didn’t know the paintable ones are already a smoky grey color. Make sure to get ones that are louvered. They have the space between the slats, not just 1 solid piece. I picked the size I wanted and some spray paint.

Then..I grabbed a handyman. I happen to be married to a gifted craftsman. He’s got serious skills in his bloodline.

Off to the man cave he went with the shutters and paint. A few minutes later, I showed up to see them all finished!

medal display 4

medal display 5

A week later, I grabbed all my medals that I could find.

running medals

I used clothes pins to keep the ribbons secured in the back. I just clipped it on the ribbon and it kept it from slipping back through. For the race bibs, I used coated paper clips to hang them like ornaments Smile

These signs are very temporary. I will make them permanent this weekend. It didn’t take me long to figure out what I wanted to display. This quote is from my first running book I bought after I had just started. It’s called The Courage to Start by John “The Penguin” Bingham.

I think this is most appropriate. Before I can finish and get the medal, I have to get the courage to put on the bib.

After I finished them, I hung them on wreath hangers on the closet doors in the new office space/rec room.

2014-04-03 19

I had a great time reading the different races and times. I wish I had done this sooner, but I’m just glad it is finished. I love how the project turned out.

medal display2medaldisplay1