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Paleo Books for Kindle are $.99 TODAY

The day is here! If you have a kindle app or use a Kindle and you are interested in the Paleo lifestyle, today is your chance to get your hands on bestselling books from the best in the business. I have most of these books and use a Paleo book often for recipe ideas, info, substitutions, etc. In fact, my kitchen, living room, and office are scattered with Paleo books.

Here is the link. It’s is offered by Buck Books and all you do is scroll down and choose your books for 99 cents. 99 CENTS each. You can also click on the picture below or click the sidebar banner.

My personal favorites:

The Paleo Diet Solution. This is the beginner’s manual. It explains the how and why this lifestyle works for so many people. It reads “Diet” in the title, but Paleo is much more than a diet.

Everyday Paleo. A GREAT Beginner cookbook. I have 3-4 basic, easy-to-find, easy-to-create, recipe books and Sarah Fragoso is outstanding. I heard her speak at Paleo FX and could sit at her feet all day taking in her stories and experiences. She does it with 3 kids (moms…this one is for you)

The Paleo Kitchen: This is also a great beginning cookbook. It is more than just recipes (although there are plenty of those). It is info on how to stock your kitchen, the tools, the techniques, the TIME SAVERS, the GROCERY GUIDE. It is a newer release from the bloggers at PaleOMG and Civilized Caveman.

I could talk about almost all of these from personal use. Shop around and save some money and get ready to have the BEST 2015!

*affiliate links are included with this post. I do receive a portion of the proceeds.

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