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Looking for an October surprise with TTC

I wish I had some great news to share about the journey to conception, but no news is just that. Nothing to report for now.

When school started, the timing of everything became a LOT more difficult to navigate. Then when I got sick a few weeks ago, well, that had an impact on the “trying” part in addition to the timing. I gave up the charting and temp checking for September. I took a month off so I could just not have to think about anything other than staying afloat at work and getting better. I knew I wouldn’t have a baby to report for September and I’m definitely okay with that.

So now what? I’m doing what I do best. I’m moving into the fall season with eyes wide open and taking advantage of all the opportunities that open for me. Being childless allows us both a lot of time and freedom to enjoy activities like going to Alabama games, hiking, half-marathon training, morning CrossFit classes and afternoon get-togethers with friends. We have some travel plans for a few weekends before Christmas. We are also going full speed ahead with putting our house up for sale in the spring and building a house on the new property. The next year will be insane with house planning, building, and moving. We would love to have a baby to bring to the new house, but we are certainly going to enjoy our time together during this major building project.

I know I can do all those things with a baby, but I also know it takes a lot of juggling of schedules for both of us and a handy babysitter if we want to do all those things. Right now, we just mark a calendar with what we want to do and we go do it. I’m making sure I do not take that freedom for granted. I’m taking it all in, enjoying the small moments.

Now that September is beyond me, what am doing for October?

1. New eating plan. I have to get some leftover depression weight off and I’ve been looking at a carb/fat cycling program that is Paleo+dairy and easy to do. I’ve enjoyed the results of just the first week and I feel this is something I could stick with indefinitely. It has definitely motivated me to make much better choices in what I eat, so that is a plus.

2. Running and CrossFit schedule. I’ve signed up for a few races this fall and I am LOVING the return to running. I’m having some of those first-year-of-running feelings again and I look forward to running after school now. And, I said it last month, but I’m just now recovering from sickness. BACK TO CROSSFIT!!! I miss my morning class. Tremendously. I need to get back under a heavy bar and explosive metcons ASAP.

3. Bringing back the sticks and Astroglide.

I have another round of OPK sticks ready and my favorite Astroglide Trying To Conceive™ sperm-friendly lubricant. Astroglide TTC ™ is designed to adjust pH levels. Many lubricants impede sperm but this provides compatible osmolality similar to my own body so it can move freely. It has a better chance of survival to fertilization than with traditional lubricants. It is economical at retail $13. Comfort is key, so using the pre-filled applicators is easy and discreet. There is no need to stop the action to find the lube. Although, at this point in our TTC journey, we laugh a lot and I am no blushing violet behind a screen.


The journey continues! Stay tuned for an October update!

Question: Does anybody have a “fail-proof” trick that worked when TTC? I’m taking all tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Where to Buy: Check link for locations.



Astroglide TTC™ sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine