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Minimalist Skincare

show and tell tuesdayLet’s talk about skin care. Specifically, I’m all about minimalist skincare.

I wish I could say my reason for something like not wanting to use a bunch of chemicals or the need to watch a budget.

No, my reason is simple. I just don’t take the time to slather on stuff. I have bought sets of things to use at night, things for morning, specialized eye stuff, etc. I have just never made a habit of applying layers of stuff. I have thrown away dozens of half-used or rarely-used items.

I’ve been through the Clinique years. I remember using the 3-step with the yellow moisturizer that seemed to CAUSE a few breakouts. I still love the Clinique make-up and use it today.

I have been through the phase of “all natural” skin care with Mad Hippie and I loved their products. I just only wound up using 2 things—moisturizer and cleanser.

I bought a lot of specialized skin products with Primal Life. I loved them, as well. But again, I only finished a cleanser and a moisturizer.

primal life organics

And here is where I give my big disclaimer: I have never really NEEDED a specialized skin care routine. I never experience acne in my teenage years. I am very fortunate to have good skin genes that are plainly evident in the women in my family. I’m smack-dab in the middle of “middle age” and I don’t have a lot of wrinkles or bags. Until those start marching along my face, I’m sticking with the less-is-more method.

My Minimalist Skincare Essentials

This is it. I wipe off my face and take off any makeup and dirt with these Burt’s Bees face wipes.



I love the Moisture Surge from Clinique. This Garnier  Skin Active is the drugstore version and it works great. I use it at night.

IMG_9647The morning is a swipe of the Equate “Oil of Olay” with sunscreen. When this bottle is empty, I’m switching to an SPF 30 version.

IMG_9648That small jar of coconut oil is what I use all over after a bath or shower. I have been using this for a couple of years instead of lotion and I love it!

Looking ahead, I don’t know if I will stick to these three items or if I will try more aging creams as I age. I have no idea. I have heard great things about BeautyCounter skin care and it’s very popular with the all-natural crowd. I may go back to Mad Hippie or Primal Life. I may still be using Oil of Olay in my 90’s. Until then, I will clean, moisturize, and protect my face daily. The wrinkle creams stay on the shelf, for now.