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Lazy days, beautiful nights

We are having a great time! I haven’t had any other sickness issues as long as I sip water and 7-up. We got to the lake late in the afternoon and managed to get the hotel-sized tent up. This is a rehearsal for our days of camping coming up in June when we go back to Colorado. The tent is designed for 8 people so it has plenty of room and tall enough for us to stand up. Once we got it up (much longer than the promised “one minute instant tent” set up), it was almost dark. We were fighting some strong sustained wind so our first time with the tent was comical. And then we were both too tired to do much else but crash. tent

The next morning, imagine our surprise to find out a fishing tournament was taking place right outside the tent. Over 200 boats were gathered for wave starts.


We didn’t take the time to start a fire. Stephen tried out a brand new 40 year old Coleman stove. He found the unopened box in some of his dad’s things. The good news is that it worked great! Add a little fuel, fire it up and hot coffee and breakfast were ready in minutes.

camp stove


Before I got sick, I had planned to race a 10K for this weekend. It was part of my whole plan for a fun active weekend. I got up and donned my favorite gear for a St. Patrick’s  Day race.


It was a pitiful race. I walked and ran most of it. I had fun until I got sick again. I got a long hot shower and felt much better. More Benadryl helped tremendously.

The rest of the day we enjoyed the spring breezes and lake waves.




Time for a fire!







Dinner-baked potatoes and smoked chicken



A great day (as long as I’m heavily medicated) and tomorrow is my big day!

Headed to the Lake
My Happy Birthday!