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Kristen Ashley’s Rough Ride

Feb 5


She went and did something I’m not real thrilled about.

She wrote a NOVELLA….about Chaos motorcycle club. The one MC series that I can read and reread multiple times a year.

Rough Ride is part of the 1001 Dark Nights group. This short ass, not enough words, just enough to make me mad, novella was Rosalie and Snapper’s story. Rosalie had a brief encounter in Shy and Tab’s book and I wasn’t really missing her story.

I mean, I was good with her moving along from Shy even when he did her WRONG. In this …novella…ugh, even the name makes me cringe, we find out that Chaos business blew back on Rosalie (and they ALWAYS promise no blow-back) and in a horrifying way.  The rest of the book is focused on the dynamic between Snapper and Rosalie and by the end, I had forgotten my tiff with K. Ashley.

Sure, I could have used an actual NOVEL, but I know that the characters write the stories in her head. They must have left her alone after a little while. Dangit. Now, I have to wait a few weeks for the next full-length installment in this most favorite MC series.

Well played, KA.