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It’s Friday!!!! It was a BUSY day, but I didn’t have that wishing my life away feeling like earlier in the week with that dreaded state department monitoring…….did I mention how brutal that interview/interrogation was? In case the vague tone of my post failed to adequately get my meaning across, here’s some visual stimulation of how I felt when it was over. 


But after Tuesday, the rest of the week got better.

In fact, there were some nice parts. I went to CrossFit and I didn’t die. That right there is a good reason to celebrate.  We did 3 rounds of this:

  • 800m run
  • 10 deadlifts (85#)
  • 20 ring rows sub for 20 pull ups.

It was a good hard workout and I did leave feeling better than yesterday, just like the shirt reads. I even went back on Thursday and enjoyed this one.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
Box Jump, 12 reps (16in)
Thruster, 6 reps (42#)
6 Bar-facing burpees (do a burpee, jump over the bar used for thrusters, burpee, jump back over, etc)

The hardest part of this WOD? the jumping OVER the bar. I kid you not. Box jumps are jumping up on a box. The thrusters are good and work the butt like nothing else. But jumping over the bar after doing a burpee was ridiculously hard. I kept seeing myself tripping over that stupid bar. Anyway, after hitting the deer on the way to class, I was a shaky mess and this bar jumping thing didn’t help. But I did it. I got 4 full rounds+box jumps and thrusters. And you would be correct if you guessed that I let the time run out instead of attempting the bar jump burpees. I have no shame admitting that. I had about 20 seconds left after the last thruster and I could have burped and jumped (bahahaha) but I refused. I sat my tired butt on the floor and toasted to finishing.  The post workout stretch read “foam roll any part that hurts…aka…your whole body”. I just love a sense of snark at 5:30 am.

It’s Friday night and it’s just me and Frankie while Stephen is working. I think me and Fuzzybutt will bundle up and watch reruns of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta. 

How to have a very bad day