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Grinnell Glacier and Lake

This morning, we got a late start but decided to do a big hike up to Grinnell Glacier and back down and out to Grinnell Lake. Round trip was about 10 miles and it was OUTSTANDING!! It was another day of blue and green crystal lakes. Some of these look like they were taken in the tropics.

lake josephine 5~

lake josephine 2~

lake josephine 4~


Hotel 3~

grinnell hike 7~

This bridge was tricky! It was a true suspension bridge and it was wobbly. 

grinnell hike 8~

hike to grinnell glacier~

grinnell hike 4~

grinnell hike 3~

lake josephine 3~

Polebridge and Kintla Lake Montana
Mt. Evans Colorado