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Friday is for Ferocious! W30:D19

The last work day of Spring Break and I need a new break. We have worked ourselves to smithereens. We both need to go back to work so we can have bail money. Home Depot is going to lock us up forever. I have made more visits to the big orange box this week than I have the whole last year. That’s saying a lot for a teacher/project do-er/fixer-upper/chaos coordinator.


In my case it was, “why didn’t I get this grand idea yesterday”. Repeat every dang day of the break.

Whole 30, Day 19. Fabulousness. That is a word. I looked it up, sort of.

Energy everywhere, giddyness abounding even on this last day of break. I’m looking forward to a great week and more great meals without the crap that makes me hurt and feel cranky.

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, apple. I filled up to the top so I wouldn’t be hungry later.


Dinner: ~shrimp

Shrimp stir fry. I sauteed carrots, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and garlic. I then seared some shrimp with some cajun seasoning. Threw it back together with the veggies and had dinner ready in 18 minutes. I had a huge plate of it leftover for lunch, too.

Anybody else ready for the weekend??

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