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Dashing around


2014-12-08 07.22.51

Where did my weekend go??

Between running errands, running, wrapping (okay…THINKING about wrapping), baking and a nap somewhere, the days disappeared FAST.

I finally got some time to sit down tonight and work on my planner for this week. Planning with paper planners is very relaxing, almost like coloring. Adult coloring books are rising in popularity because people are figuring out how relaxing and meditative it can be. Paper planning is the same for me. First, I made a nice warm drink.


Then, I light a candle, pull out my stickers and pens, and plan away. I organize home, school, blogging, workouts, and food. I keep up with Stephen’s various schedules and my after-school tutoring schedules. This is a great way to wind down the day before heading back to work tomorrow. Feliz’ Navidad.