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CrossFit therapy

Early morning classes took some getting used to. I do consider myself more of a morning person because I would rather go to bed at 10pm and get up at 4, put on coffee, and finish studying, finishing that term paper, or finish getting the real job homework done before going to work. When I first started going to CrossFit, my friends were in the morning class and guaranteed a great workout with some great people. Of course, they were right and I miss that class when I have to miss. I missed a few workouts during the worst days of being sick.

The return to CF after missing a few days is never easy. But the great thing about it is, under the supervision of fantastic trainers, I can modify any workout to any level. Too many pull-ups? Do what I can. Nothing left in the tank after 3 of 4 rounds? Call it done and be glad I was able to get that much done. 18 cleans into a 21 rep round? Lower the weight and cut out the rest. It’s not a free pass to be lazy. It’s a way to show up, with no energy, shaky hands, but needing to FEEL better and work off some anxiety. It’s a way to nurture those friendships and see how Glenda’s mom and Catherine’s mom are doing. Finding out the latest on the new gym. Congratulating David and Courtney on their new start as a married couple. I need that and if I waited until I was strong enough to complete a full workout prescribed, I would still be waiting.

And just like all those years of walking into the gym and breathing in the smell of floor wax and popcorn, walking into the CF box and seeing the whiteboard just makes everything better. No matter what’s going on before or after class, that hour does more to build me up and settle the doubts than anything else.