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CrossFit FAIL


I bailed this morning. Why?

2 reasons

1) kidney issues. The headache and stomach crankiness from this morning went to turbo drive kidney pain by lunch. I’m currently patchworking old antibiotics (Kids, don’t try this at home.) and the magical orange pills to get me through until I go see the dr. tomorrow. Fun times.

and the second reason?

tire flipping at 5:35 am…yikes.

  • Tire flips
  • Tire hammer hits
  • Waking lunges
  • Hill runs
  • Hill bear crawls
  • Stone ground to shoulder
  • Wall balls
  • Log flips

I call this one the “Rocky IV” workout. Remember when he worked in the snow using random farm equipment in Russia? image

This is eerily similar, except for the wheelbarrow full of people.


And when I watch that movie, I’m always thinking “I would rather do the rocky workout than the russian tech workout”. I had my chance this morning, and I blew it. Sitting here at 8:20 pm, I wish I had done it. I wish I had tried. I wish I could proudly wear the shirt that reads “better than yesterday”.  So basically, I feel like crap because I didn’t try the stupid workout. No..I’m stupid. Not the workout.

So, as my father says, “live and learn”. I had no real good reason to skip. I could have at least gone and if I felt sick, backed off. But I could have shown up.

Tomorrow’s WOD has been posted and it’s ugly but it a good way. I need the squats. The IT band was cranky yesterday for my short interval run.

1200m row

24 front squats

48 pull ups

One thing I’ve learned is that I RARELY regret going to workout, especially a crossfit workout.  I’m going to pack my bags now and get some sleep. Tuesday wasn’t kind, but it couldn’t do much damage. 🙂

Tuesday….take your best shot today.
Groundhogs v. NWS


Wednesday 1st of February 2012

I can totally relate on so many levels to this post. Those same feelings rush over me at the end of the day when I skip out of a workout for silly reasons and don't even try. Thanks for the inspiring words... "I rarely regret going to a workout" ...So true! Keep moving!! - Nicole*