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Gluten Free

Bread is back

I wasn’t too sure about this frozen block of non-gluten bread. I have never been a huge bread eater, but I love sandwiches and have been missing grilled cheese for awhile. A few trips at Publix had me leaning over the sandwich counter gazing longingly at the subs that I recently found a love for. …

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Gluten Free Update Week 7

Well, that’s because my grandparents ate ACTUAL wheat. Not the GMO Franken-wheat that Monsanto has decided we should all love, embrace, enjoy, and then crap ourselves silly. Honest truth. Celiacs can go to the Middle east where they still have Einkorn wheat plants from centuries ago, eat a big tub of it, and blissfully go …

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Gluten free updates

It’s been 5 weeks and there have been some ups and downs. I have had 6 definite gluten contamination incidents and it’s almost to the point of ridiculous the many products that have wheat in them and the extent of gluten exposure that causes a reaction. I ordered a hamburger with no bun at a …

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Those were my exact words to my doctor two weeks ago. Picture me, pale, shivering, weak, sweating and clammy, but had the energy to laugh at my doctor. And now I’m gladly eating my words.  I’ll make this long gross story very short. About 10 months ago, my normally VERY predictable and peaceful digestive system …

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