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All About Forks


This winding road leads to great things. Check out the home for the weekend. We are pretty high in elevation, enough so that I got cold if I stuck a nose or a toe out from under the massive comforter on the bed.


After I woke up to a definite chill in the air, I couldn’t wait to explore and get a good run in. I ran uphill first so I could determine when to turn around. After I sweated through about 2 miles, I came back to get the camera. The leaves were gorgeous! leaves  leaves6 leaves5

If there is one thing we do well, it’s a big breakfast. My brother-in-law considers cooking the big breakfast for the family an honor and nobody is going to chase him out of the kitchen. Our jobs include setting out plates, condiments,  hunting for the salt (we never found it), discussing the hot water (way too hot, don’t flay the skin off your back), who is being rude to whom at the local church camp (Rude person who would rather disparage a good man’s name than take responsibility for their own actions….makes you want to take him out back and beat the smug out of him), and discussing the Jacuzzi, skivvies, and sore backs. After everything was ready, it was time for family breakfast. Eggs, grits, bacon, sausage, muffins, biscuits, and oats for me.


It was cold and I wanted plenty of hot grains and almond butter. Gluten-free oats, almond butter, Kind granola, flaxseed.


After we sat and discussed more football talk, we loaded up the cars for a trip through Gatlinburg to the Roaring Fork motor tour through the best of the fall views.

I interrupt this lovely report to give a little PSA about the new Google maps that kicks in when you upgrade your phone or the IOS software. To put it bluntly, it’s terrible. We had no idea the closest route to Roaring Fork was a one-way loop. After numerous u-turns, Sassy was ready to kick us all out and go back to the cabin. We FINALLY weaved through a lot of downtown tourist traffic to the correct entrance to the Roaring Fork loop. I soothed my frazzled feelings with gorgeous views.

leaves2 roaringfork9 roaringfork11 roaringfork10 leaves3 roaringfork8 roaringfork6 roaringfork4 roaringfork3  roaringfork  roaringfork2

After the views and weather, it was almost time to bundle up and go to the game!

I’m a little nervous, to be honest. This is a fierce rivalry that has its own Wiki entry. Until then….Go BAMA!!!