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A Family for Thanksgiving

2016-11-26 13.09.37

Every family is different and I wouldn’t trade mine for anything. We do not eat our traditional meal until Saturday due Friday shopping. And families understand when football takes on a life of its own.

2016-11-26 10.30.22

One of the family traditions is playing cards. 6 people team up to trounce each other in various games like 3-13 and Hand & foot. I’m the lone dissenter of the group, which works great because the other 6 love to play. While they played, I sat and ate cake. It was a fabulous way to spend our Thanksgiving morning.

2016-11-26 13.04.48

When it was time to eat, we all gathered around a table loaded with all the turkey, vegetables, and gluten-free side dishes we could handle. I love love LOVE mac & cheese and dressing. I eat it when I go to my momma’s house because she keeps the GF pasta on hand. With a spread this big, even the picky eaters can get full.

2016-11-26 07.45.04

Saturday after Thanksgiving is the Iron Bowl. The biggest game of the year for the state of Alabama. All bets are off. Records do not matter. Schedules and rankings are as useless as 1-ply toilet paper.

Because of this game, we set the DVR to record it and we turned off all social media and avoided going into gas stations during the drive back to Tuscaloosa. We take our games seriously. With our bags packed and leftovers in hand, we got on the road mid-afternoon and made it home so we could speed through the commercials. It was a great game and Bama won Smile

Happy Thanksgiving 2016.

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