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Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K (3.1) miles

I took my first steps to running using this program. Actually, my first run was early in the morning wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt on a cold day in February, 2005. That wasn’t very smart, but I was desperate for sleep. I knew from long ago days of track and basketball that if I …

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One Step Wednesday

Thinking about the New Year and the resolution to get healthy, once and for all? Now is just as good as January and the gyms are not near as crowded as they will be then. Find a pair of good running shoes. Get a bottle of water and your favorite music. Go walk briskly for …

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2013 goals-Running

Earlier, I posted my overall goals or thoughts about the new year. I gave up resolutions long ago because I never really took them seriously. I learned that to make any “resolution” or goal stick, they must be specific and I must have a plan of action. For 2013, I have a few running goal …

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After you earned the T-shirt.

You’ve trained hard. You’ve posted the Couch to 5K plan on your fridge and gleefully crossed off each training run. Each week that you added more running time than walking time is circled or highlighted. There may even be a few squiggles of writing on there with thoughts like “wow! I did it!!”. You’ve shared …

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