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Road rage…Colorado day 4

Our next stop is an overnight stay in Salida which is on the way to a long stay in Telluride. On this drive, all I could do was stare at the sky and land. These pictures are SOC—straight out of the camera. No cropping, contrast, photoshop, etc. Most of my pictures have very little post-processing …

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Taking it easy-Colorado Day 2

The weather driving through 19 hours was uneventful except for a brief severe thunderstorm outside of Oklahoma City. I was checking the radar and it looked sketchy. I saw a distinctive hook and that usually sets off warning signals. Instead of second guessing whether to take shelter or keep driving, I sent a quick tweet …

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Goodbye Wyoming 2011

  Last day in Yellowstone Frozen lake in June Pools Grand Teton lake Old Faithful The one day I didn’t wear a hat The house we rented for a week. The balloon on the morning we all packed up and went in 3 different directions even though we all live within an hour of each …

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Rico Hotel, Colorado 2011

Rico is a small town outside of Telluride. After our last trip, we decided to stay out from town and make use of the various lakes (fishing) and trails (hiking) that we did not try last time. Built in 1925 as a resting place for the employees of the Rico Argentine Mining Company, the Rico …

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Too excited to sleep!!

Colorado. In less than a few hours, I’ll be on a plane headed back to my favorite state (not counting my home and family states, of course). Since I can’t sleep, I’m going to do a quick don’t blink or you’ll miss it review of the past few days. It’s a big ol’ mixed up …

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