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Stress Fracture week 3

I never came back to update, but yeah, the MRI showed a sf at the femoral neck. It’s old so the doc thinks I did it on the May trail race. It was supposed to be 10 miles and I trained for 10 miles, but due to a missing (ie..stolen) flag marker, a big group of us took the wrong turn and wound up running over 13 miles. I was thrilled that I kept running for 3 extra miles. But now it seems that maybe I wasn’t prepared as I thought. The MRI showed some shadowing that meant it was healing in some spots but was very irritated in others. No doubt that all my running since May only aggrevated the damn thing. Gotta love insurance companies who won’t authorize an MRI when the doc first asked for one in August.

I’m confined to swimming for 4-6 weeks. I do cheat a little and use the elliptical because honestly I don’t like swimming. And I refuse to swim when I’ve got ANOTHER sinus infection–still carryover complications from the flu. I sound like a hypochondriac and that doesn’t make me feel any better.

I’m doing a lot of weight training now. I’m trying to beat off the hands of time now that I’ll soon be 32. For some reason, 32 is bothering me much more than 30. Hell, 30 was my happiest birthday. It meant liberation. It meant I had survived the 20’s. It meant I was now an adult with some life experience behind me. 32 now just seems old.

And I’m still not worth being around. I’ve got to run soon.

Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS. I wear them for spinning and elliptical.

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