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Well, this can't be good.

Just when I think that I’ve got all the kinks out of dealing with running and diabetes, I get my ass kicked. And it’s hard not to panic and have this sky-is-falling perspective. I KNOW the dangers and possibilities of dying, but people risk death everyday. I just happen to have a quicker access. I …

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Still moving..

Today was a rest day. Imagine that. I have rest days again. I’ve had them along the way, but now that I’m running, it feels good to call it a rest day and know exactly what that means. Things are going well and I’m still not trying to beat a dead horse. I’m taking each …

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The return begins slowly

I had a total of 3.75 miles last week. This week, I’m already up to 6. I’m not sure if I should really think about it, analyze it, dwell on it, or should I just be still for once and run. The last day of therapy was uneventful. I did my usual heat and stim, …

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Stress Fracture week 3

I never came back to update, but yeah, the MRI showed a sf at the femoral neck. It’s old so the doc thinks I did it on the May trail race. It was supposed to be 10 miles and I trained for 10 miles, but due to a missing (ie..stolen) flag marker, a big group …

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Another day with Mr. Masochism

I finally saw my physical therapist get flustered and backdown. Let me explain. The first day I met him, after the preliminaries and the evaluation, he told me what all would be involved. Most of it sounded nice..electrical stimulation and heat, ice, stretching..then the tough part was uttered. Physical manipulation of the ITband. Which means …

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So, a little about ITBS

Quick timeline: May 07-Trail half marathon. Acute case of groin strain. Took 6 weeks off of running. July 07– Foot tumor-plantar fibrosis-benign tumor August 07– 6 mile run, noticed painful pulling lateral side of left knee. I tried to run several times. I went to a sports doc, got an ITBS diagnosis and got started …

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