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2012 National Champions!!!!

I was afraid to post too much about the game because I’m extremely superstitious about games. So many opinions, so many heated words on both sides of the fence. Those who are loyal to the SEC were fussing at those who thought the SEC is highly overrated. The entire northern half of the country were cheering for the Comeback crew of Notre Dame.

But it wasn’t in the cards. It took Alabama about 4 minutes to score the first touchdown. And we didn’t hold back. Even Brian Kelly looked shell-shocked at the halftime.

Any frequent readers of this blog know I’m a huge Alabama fan, so much so that I married someone who I hoped would bring me to Alabama one day. He not only brought me to Alabama, he brought me to Tuscaloosa. And when we suffered through the “rebuilding” years, we still knew Alabama would return to greatness one day. Last January, we enjoyed the win against LSU in a snooze fest to the rest of the country. In Jan. 2010, we sat in the middle of Tuscaloosa and watched Alabama beat Texas for the first Championship since the early 90’s. So 3 wins (‘09, ‘11, ‘12) in the past 4 years means that we are definitely back! Interestingly enough, the 2010 win went to Auburn, another team in Alabama. The crystal trophy hasn’t had to travel far in 4 years. And the reason starts with this man.

The same man who sent 2 players back to Alabama because they missed curfew in Miami is the same man who instilled in his players that it was always an honor to play for ANY game and the day they lose their humility is the day they will lose their game and their team. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working.

Looking back, I always take the cautious approach. I’ve seen teams fold for no reason on any given day. I’ve seen underdogs by 20 pts rally back after halftime to beat a top 5 team. Each Saturday brings a day of feeling excited yet a little (or a lot depending on who we play) nervousness. We are definitely spoiled now into expecting to not only win, but win big. I clearly remember the years when we hoped to beat a team even though we were the underdogs. But no matter what happens, I’m an Alabama fan to the core. I always hope to win, but deep down I try to brace myself for a loss.

So the 2012 season is over. I have a few weeks of school, Spring break, a few weeks of the school year left, a summer trip to Colorado, suffer and sweat through July, return to school in August and then football is back! I don’t want to wish my life away, but the first game of the season (not coincidentally, the first game is traditionally the weekend close to our anniversary) signals the beginning of all my favorite things. Until then, I’ll enjoy this win and keep singing my Sweet Home Alabama, Roll Tide Roll!

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